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DAT Poker Podcast

Oct 6, 2019

This Week on DAT Poker Pod: We are joined by the woman who broke the cheating scandal that has rocked the poker world! To begin Daniel, Adam and Terrence chat about hockey and Mattress Mack. We are then joined by Veronica 2.0 aka @Angry_Polak on twitter. She is a poker player and a former commentator on the “Stones Live” poker stream. She came out publicly with concerns that there was some foul play going on in the game, and one guy was winning every night. The story has just snowballed since that day and you’ll have to tune in to get the whole scoop! We also briefly discuss the sale of Stars Group and Pokerstars to the owners of FanDuel. It’s been a busy week! Leave us a voicemail for a future show at 1.775.434.2932

Link To Veronica's Video Of Stones Layout