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DAT Poker Podcast

Apr 19, 2021

0:10 Intros, Cancel Culture, Paul vs Askren, Weight Loss Bets

26:56 Ivey Appearance Next Show? 31:50 Isai Scheinberg appears on Pocket Fives

45:05 Vegas 100% Open in June, WSOP Updates

1:02:25 Tweets/Mail - Daniel tells a Stu Ungar story


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Apr 6, 2021

This Week On DAT Poker Pod: Daniel, Adam and Terrence are back with:
0:09 Intros - Heads Up Duel Discussion Begins
11:30 DNegs, Hellmuth beef continued
58:30 WSOP 2021 Details, Vaccines & Masks Required? 
1:11:15 Postle Updates - Lawsuit Dropped 
1:13:00 Tweets of the week 
1:24:30 VMs, Interesting chip debacle from...