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DAT Poker Podcast

Mar 29, 2019

This Week on DAT Poker Podcast: The guys begin with talk about Denise Pratt and her viral video about Daniel’s Master Class. This leads to Femme Fatale week on PokerGo and what’s up with people (dudes) who object to all-female poker games. The guys discuss their plans for the WSOP, Daniel’s ROI and horror stories of staking deals. 
In The News: Poker pro Darren Elias’ home was robbed at gunpoint by another player who knew him from the casino. The guys reveal their own experiences in sketchy situations, as well as some friends’ close calls and what they would have done. 
DAT Poker Pod features your tweets! The guys pull up some great/silly tweets from the likes of Joe Ingram, Mike Matusow and Erik Seidel before opening the mail bag!