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DAT Poker Podcast

Mar 6, 2019

This Week on DAT Poker Podcast: We asked and you answered! A show full of your questions for the gang. The guys begin talking about the crazy video of the fight that broke out at Talking Stick casino in Arizona which prompts stories of the craziest fights Daniel, Adam and Terrence have seen while playing live poker. Also discussed are the “private” games going on in casinos in Vegas and  how they are hurting the local pros. Last week Daniel mentioned he had some stories of the weirdest things he’d been asked to invest in and we get some stories from Daniel and Terrence of questionable investments. Adam also has a quiz about pro wrestlers from the WWF era. 
In the news: There isn’t much news this week so the guys took to twitter to answer your questions. The questions included plenty of “where are they now”, catching up with your favourite pros from back in the day, plus stories of some legendary prop and golf bets and some unheard Phil Ivey stories.