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DAT Poker Podcast

Feb 11, 2020

This week on DAT Poker Pod: It’s just Daniel and Terrence hosting this week but we’ve got a packed show nonetheless! The pair begin talking about prop bets and dieting, and a mindset to stay on the right track. This leads to one of Daniel’s crazier golf gambling stories. The GG Masters has been growing every Sunday, Daniel talks about this last weekend and previews his return to the Twitch arena!
In the news: The Galfond challenge has not improved for Phil, although he is saying all the right things! Down about 1M Euros now, he just can’t catch a break and the guys discuss why this is actually a great learning experience for all of us. The WSOP has released more of it’s schedule, the $1500s and the new “low roller” leader board. We've also got some voicemail questions including how tech advancements could lead to cheating, straddled pots and rebuys. Leave us a voicemail for a future show at 1.775.434.2932