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DAT Poker Podcast

Sep 13, 2018

This week on DAT Poker: Daniel reviews the last few high rollers he played at Poker Masters and the guys talk about why stripped deck seems to be the most popular game these days. 
To begin: Daniel has a trip report from his date and Adam talks about his new favourite podcast and the 20th anniversary of Rounders.
In the news: Poker Masters has been running through the week and several events have wrapped up, we’ve got the winners and some hands with Daniel. The guys talk about short deck hold'em and why it’s gaining so much popularity at poker masters and beyond, with rumours it may be rolled out on PokerStars. Also a new player is on a heater and setting records at WCOOP. Daniel also has a PCA $25K Platinum Pass to give away! Other stories include: Dan Smith gets vulnerable with the community in a blog talking about his depression and talk of the WSOP moving to the Las Vegas Strip. We’ve also got some sweet tweets to review before we wrap up the show! 
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