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DAT Poker Podcast

Jan 2, 2021

This Week On DAT Poker Pod: Daniel, Adam and Terrence are back with: 
0:10 Intros - New Years Weirdness
3:45 DNegs/Polk HU Updtates
12:00 HU Match Cont. Twitter Trolls & GTO
20:45 HOF: Huck Seed Inducted to Poker Hall Of Fame
26:00 HOF: DNegs Huck Seed Stories
32:15 HOF: Chris Ferguson Story
42:30 HOF: More Huck Seed Basketball/Prop Betting Stories
48:34 Chris Moneymaker Leaves Pokerstars
53:22 Upeshka De Silva DQ'd From WSOP Final Table Due To Covid
59:25 High Stakes Poker Ep 2
1:08:25 Surfin' On The Internet - Huck Seed, Bitcoin Newbs
1:17:40 VoiceMails - Improving your game, Solvers, Will NLH be the game of the future?
1:32:30 DNegs Hand Review - HU Match Schedule
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