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DAT Poker Podcast

Dec 11, 2023

0:00 Intro Preview 00:20 - Recapping E11 into E12 2:00 - Final Table Seat Selection, Strategies, Possible Outcomes. 10:00 Hand 1 Johan "Yoh Viral" vs Maria vs Fedor 15:50 Kyna vs Johan 20:00 Maria vs Kyna vs Fedor 29:00 Daniel interviews Fedor Holz! 40:00 Mental Game Strategy with Fedor 57:00 Hand Breakdowns Continue - Jungleman vs Johan 1:03:00 Heads Up 1:21:00 Spunky Hwang joins Daniel to talk about the creation and concept of the show! 1:24:00 Spunky's vision for the show, testing in Korea 1:36:00 Final Words
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Intro (Ashitaka)/Outro(Raindrops)