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DAT Poker Podcast

Nov 5, 2021

This Week On DAT Poker Pod: Adam and Terrence are back with:

0:05 Intros - Main Event Hype
3:30 Reminiscing about the Rio, Crazy hands from the coverage today.
12:30 Predicting Day 1F Craziness
21:05 Adam Friedman Wins The $10k Dealers Choice For The 3rd Time In A Row & Beats Hellmuth Heads Up
30:00 Shaun Deeb Wins $25k PLO
35:10 $50k PPC Talk
40:50 Player Of The Year
44:35 Tweets Of The Week
49:40 Keeps Inactive Players Money?
1:01:25 Terminal Cancer Patient Gets Overwhelming Support To Play Main Event

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