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DAT Poker Podcast

Jun 4, 2019

This Week On DAT Poker: The WSOP is upon us and you know that means content galore! One member of the crew is playing a full schedule so we carry on without Daniel for this one. Beginning with YouTube deleting hundreds of poker videos from Jaime Staples and Parker Talbot that "promote online gaming companies”. 
In WSOP News: Adam and Terrence run through the first  bracelet events of the year and the main story that stands out is the Big 50. With over 25k entries, tables in storage rooms, running out of chips and 4+ hour lines there were some issues with the event. Another major story is Sam Soverel and his play at the $50k high roller final table. (LINK TO CLIP) He folded out of turn in a crucial hand with 4 players left and cries of angle shooter have come out against him. The guys also review the best and funniest tweets of the first week of the series! 
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