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DAT Poker Podcast

Dec 20, 2018

On this episode of DAT Poker Podcast: 
The show begins with Adam and Terrence settling their side action on the bathroom bet which ended in a buy out. Daniel mitigates and they come to a decision. Adam proposes his dream prop bet, and the prop bet master Huck Seed is discussed. We also get Daniel’s trip report from the last week including his fancy trip to LA and a trip to a weed store.
In The News: The guys review the Super High Roller Bowl and get right into breaking down Daniel’s key hands in depth, including 'The Fold'! The record breaking $10k WPT at Bellagio is also discussed, plus EPT Prague and the PCA. 
To wrap things up the guys discuss some good poker tweets of the week and finish with an important poker discussion about the concept of love!