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DAT Poker Podcast

Dec 11, 2021

This Week On DAT Poker Pod: Daniel, Adam and Terrence are back with:
0:05 Daniel Lets Us In On Filming Latest High Stakes Poker Season 7:05 Doyle On The Show, Former Crushers Who Have Lost Touch, Improving Your Game 18:00 Playing Tougher Games & Learning New Games 26:35 WSOP Europe Record Setting Main* Daniel Debuts New Show 29:00 Can Chess Clocks Change The Game? 41:00 WPT Bellagio Not Off To A Great Start, Is Bellagio No Longer The Most Prestigious Poker Room? 49:00 OG Grinder Dusty "leatherass" Schmidt Passes, How Does Online Poker Effect The Brain Long Term? 52:03 Tweets Of The Week 1:00:28 NFT Giveaway! Contest Rules!
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