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DAT Poker Podcast

May 12, 2020

This Week On DAT Poker Pod: We begin the show with an announcement! DAT Poker Pod will be a video podcast soon but don’t worry, audio isn’t going anywhere. The video format of the show should be live on Daniel Negreanu’s YouTube channel asap. The show kicks off with more “Last Dance” documentary review from this week and discussion of whether the guys still respect Jordan as much after this view of him. A few more Phil Ivey comparisons are thrown in too. 

(25:00) We finally get into poker talk as Phil Galfond takes a big hit to his lead against ActionFreak in the latest Galfond Challenge. Some COVID Poker updates too. Patrick Leonard’s tweets about money drying up from online tournaments, and discussion of the long term viability of staking stables of pros. (1:01:25) We’ve got a ton of mail as well! Questions range from the most nervous we’ve been while gambling to having Phil Ivey on the show.