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DAT Poker Podcast

Jun 20, 2022

Terrence and Ross are back to catch you up on all things Vegas Summer/WSOP!
0:10 Intros, Catching up, Missing DNegs and Adam
1:00 Terrence's WSOP Trip
3:15 covid sweeps the WSOP
9:10 With the market down and covid, the series is still booming!
12:05 Super Producer Steve Albini joins the show after winning his 2nd bracelet!
18:00 The famous Chicago home game, notable players and fun variants.
34:00 The comeback to winning the tournament
49:15 Steve breaks the bracelet right after receiving it
51:30 The rest of his series plans, more strategy chatter
1:02:30 Catching up on the news, extreme tanking, cheaters getting called out, Scott Seiver fires 43 bullets, Neymar arrives!
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