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DAT Poker Podcast

May 4, 2020

This Week On DAT Poker Pod: First off Terrence reveals his answers to last week’s question about software to play home games with friends. Another huge Sunday in the books and Daniel is stoked as GG Poker has over 100k concurrent players hosting its first WSOPC event.
In the News: Plans to re open Vegas casinos are in place, the guys discuss this and what it would take for them to sit at a poker table. This leads to discussion of what we might expect to see in the future for live poker. We answer some twitter questions, debating ICM and why studying it might be overrated. The Ross Report returns this week, Daniel also breaks down a wild Stud Hi/Lo hand from his private high stakes game. A few voicemail questions before we go as well, including tipping in high stakes games.
Voicemail: 1.775.434.2932