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DAT Poker Podcast

Jun 29, 2024

This Week On DAT Poker Pod:
Adam and Terrence are back with
Daniel Negreanu, Ross Henry, Adam Schwartz, Terrence Chan
0:00 Intros
1:05 Begin 50k PPC Talk (No DNegs)
3:00 Lower Turnout This Year
7:25 What Makes The PPC Prestigious
11:28 The Commentary
14:15 How Daniel Got There - 1st Hand Review
15:40 Big Stud Pot
19:50 Big Fold 3 Handed
28:00 The Emotion
29:15 Other WSOP Stories & Bracelets
37:10 Tweets
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Show Music Available Here:
Intro (Ashitaka)/Outro(Raindrops)